10 Amazing Email Personalization Stats

If you want to truly connect with your leads, prospects, and customers, you can't just send a shotgun blast email campaign to everyone on your contact list. Instead, to break through the noise, you need to use email personalization to attract, engage, and convert your email contacts. 

Here are 10 stats that are the proof in the email personalization pudding:

  1. Emails with personalized subject lines experience a higher open rate of 26 percent - Campaign Monitor
  2. Personalized email marketing campaigns increase click-through rates by an average of 14 percent and improve conversion rates by 10 percent - Aberdeen
  3. 33 percent of marketers believe that email personalization will be most important to marketing in the future - Adage
  4. Personalized emails deliver an increased transaction rate of 600 percent - Experian
  5. Over 50 percent of marketers see significant revenue impact from ongoing, personalized email campaigns with current customers - DemandGen
  6. Emails that are both segmented and targeted (the recipes of personalization) generate 58 percent of all revenue - DMA
  7. Marketers have experienced a 760 percent increase in revenue from segmented campaigns - Campaign Monitor
  8. Marketers see an average of 20 percent sales increase when personalizing customer experiences - Monetate
  9. 74 percent of marketers claim that targeted personalization increases customer engagement (and conversion chances) - eConsultancy
  10. Emails with a personalized message experienced an 18.8 percent open rate compared to 13.1 percent open rate for emails without personalization - Statista

Based on those statistics, it's pretty clear that personalization is a necessary component of your email marketing strategy. If you need help getting your email marketing program off the ground, click the button for a complimentary marketing consultation.

Bryan Caplan