100 Spam Terms To Avoid In Your Email Subject Lines

Having your email marketing campaign sent to SPAM is the equivalent to going through your entire sales pitch while facing a wall alone in a dark room. Considering the time and resources you put into building out your email campaigns, you want to make sure that when you hit send, your email is delivered to the inbox, not the SPAM box.

There are several factors that go into building a spam-proof email, but one factor over which you have total control is to limit your usage of SPAM words. Below is a list of 100 SPAM words to avoid in your subject line:

SPAM Symbols and Punctuation

  1. #1

  2. $$$

  3. !!!

  4. 4U

Retail SPAM Terms

  1. Clearance

  2. Amazing stuff

  3. Buy direct

  4. Shopper

  5. Order Status

  6. Sale

  7. Claim

  8. No fees

Financial SPAM Terms

  1. Benefit

  2. Cash

  3. Credit

  4. Money

  5. Lowest price

  6. Money back

  7. Bargain

  8. Best price

  9. Bonus

  10. Save up to

  11. US Dollars

  12. Profit

  13. Get paid

  14. Free investment

  15. No investment

  16. Stock pick

  17. Strong pick

  18. Strong buy

Income SPAM Terms

  1. Million dollars

  2. Billion dollars

  3. Earn money

  4. Earn per week

  5. Expect to earn

  6. Explode your business

  7. Extra income

  8. Earn extra cash

  9. Make money

  10. Double your

  11. Extra cash

  12. Fast cash

  13. Extra income

  14. Insurance

  15. Guarantee

  16. 100% Guaranteed

  17. One hundred percent guaranteed

  18. Online biz opportunity

  19. Home employment

  20. Homebased business

  21. Home based business

  22. Income from home

  23. Work at home

  24. Work from home

  25. MLM

  26. Multi-level marketing

  27. Multi level marketing

  28. Serious cash

  29. Money making

  30. Be your own boss

  31. Free leads

  32. Get paid

Salesy or Scammy SPAM Terms

  1. This isn’t a scam

  2. This isn’t spam

  3. This isn’t junk

  4. This won’t last

  5. We hate spam

  6. Info you requested

  7. Information you requested

  8. 100% Free

  9. One hundred percent free

  10. 100% Satisfied

  11. One hundred percent satisfied

  12. Satisfaction guaranteed

  13. F R E E

Marketing SPAM Terms

  1. Ad

  2. Click

  3. Click to remove

  4. Click below

  5. Subscribe

  6. Search engines

  7. Don’t delete

  8. Mass email

  9. Marketing solution

  10. Free website

  11. Special promotion

  12. Free membership

  13. Join millions

Sense of Urgency SPAM Terms

  1. Only today

  2. Time limited

  3. Act not

  4. Get it now

  5. Take action now

  6. For only

  7. Apply now

  8. Order now

  9. Last chance

  10. Urgent

  11. Don’t hesitate

If this list canceled out all of your potential subject lines, then you probably need some help. Have no fear, BJC Branding offers frequent webinars and workshops to help you get the most out of your email marketing. Register for one of our upcoming digital marketing workshops to master your email marketing game.

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