8 Ways To Build Customer Relationships with Email Marketing


For a B2C business, it’s essential to build customer relationships! Customers aren’t buying your products and services, they’re investing in a stronger relationship with your brand! If you’ve built a strong rapport and shown that you understand your customers’ needs, they will, in turn, become loyal to you. One of the most cost-effective ways to build this relationship is through Constant Contact Email Marketing! Constant Contact Email Marketing enables small mom-and-pop shops and large chains, alike, to communicate effectively and efficiently with their customer base. An Email marketing strategy carried out correctly will build customer relationships without a doubt. The following list demonstrates 8 Ways to Build Customer Relationships through Email Marketing:

  1. Target email newsletters to specific customers
    Are they interested in certain products? Do they keep coming to you for the same service? You want to make sure your message matches up with your customers’ needs.
  2. Use periodic Email Campaigns to continuously connect with customers and clients
    Keep your brand in front of their face and resonating in their heads. The more customers are subjected to your branding, the more they’ll associate you with a need for your products and/or services. It’s psychology…
  3. Create offer packages to get repeat business
    Reward your customers for their repeat business by offering exclusive packages through your Email Campaigns.
  4. Offer deals or discounts
    It’s not what they spend, it’s what they save. Customers are more apt to open an Email with a subject line announcing a deal or discount. They love your products and services, but they really love paying less!
  5. Promote Live Events
    You host live events to drive foot traffic into your storefront. You use Email Marketing to promote those live events (otherwise no one knows they exist.)
  6. Get feedback from customers to find out what they like and don’t like
    An essential part of the communication process is the feedback you collect from customers. If you want to strongly build customer relationships, you must listen to what they’re saying.
  7. Generate loyalty and repeat business
    Tie in your other marketing platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. Generate loyalty and drive repeat business by promoting your social media offers to your Email Marketing customers. You’ll be surprised at the response!
  8. Stimulate a strong word-of-mouth reputation
    This is a giant game of “Telephone.” You want your customers to pass on your message. Email Marketing makes it easy by enabling them to forward to a friend. Compel them with incentives or deals to become an evangelist for your brand. To truly build customer relationships, have them put some skin in the game.

If you follow these 8 proven ways, then you will find yourself driving more repeat sales because of your affinity to your customers, prospects, and leads. Start sending! 

Bryan Caplan