How Can I Help My Business Make a Good First Impression on Potential Clientele?

They say that first impressions are so important because you can never get a chance to reset them; accordingly, they can be very difficult to change. This is even more important in the case of business meetings, as first impressions determine more than whether or not someone likes you—they determine if you can make a sale and ultimately make a relationship into a profitable one. As such, here are three great ways in which you can ensure that you make a good first impression on a potential client.

Dress and Grooming

Nothing makes a worse first impression than a badly shaven face, unkempt hair and inappropriate clothing. It may be shallow but it doesn't change the truth: You must dress well in order to make a good first impression. Double-check yourself in the mirror before you go, or better yet, have a loved one or trusted friend give you the once-over to make sure you look good before you go to your meeting.

Source: The Importance of a Good First Impression

Choose Meeting Places Wisely

Where you choose to meet potential clients can say volumes to them about you and your business. A professional, well-maintained office is always the best and safest bet. If you have one on your own, great! If not, and these client meetings are regular occurrences for you, try to work out an arrangement with another friendly business that allows you to take advantage of their conference facilities or meeting spaces. Shared workspaces are on the rise, and this option might provide just the perfect venue. If you have no other choice and must meet in public, do whatever you can to select a location that will be suitable for minimizing noise and distractions. The place you select to meet will be just as important as the words that you say or how you look.

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Be Prepared

If you are meeting with a prospective client, be prepared and do your research. Make sure you fully understand the product or service you are looking to sell, and do your research about your potential client and the business they represent. Fortunately, thanks to social media and the internet, this is a relatively easy task.

Remember: You never get a chance to redo your first impression. Keep these tips in mind when you are meeting with a prospective new client, and you will be well on your way to making a positive first impression. This, in turn, greatly increases your odds of making a sale.

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