SEO Value of Positive Online Reviews


00:00 You know, positive reviews are great. We get stars, right? You get 4 or 5 stars. That's awesome! We've been trained since we were little that stars are good. You did something good, you get a star on your paper, go home and tell your parents - you're going to get an ice cream. I mean, it's a reward center, right? It's an incentive for us to do better, so getting stars is nice, but the other thing that people don't realize is that positive reviews give you SEO benefit. There's a huge SEO opportunity in there.

00:28 Now, if you're writing a response to a positive review, what you're going to do is you're going to include your company name. You're going to include a product or service that was mentioned or that the client purchased from you, and you can even include an upsell.

00:44 So let's take my company BJC branding for instance. Someone writes a review and they say, "Hey, we had a great time with with Jake. He's a wonderful strategist. He knows a lot about email marketing and, you know what, we really enjoyed it. We've gotten some great results out of it!"

01:01 Okay. My response would be, "Thanks so much, Joe, for your great feedback about Jake. We think he's a great guy, too, and we're glad that you enjoy our email marketing service. You know, one of the things here at BJC Branding that we take very seriously is our customer success, so we want to make sure that you always feel like you're getting the best benefit, the best value possible. If you're ever interested in improving your website, why don't you give us a call? We're happy to help."

01:28 Do you see what I did there? Mentioned Jake, mentioned my business, mentioned the email marketing service, and I did an upsell on one of the services that we offer. So that's an opportunity for you. When someone gives you 5 stars, you kind of have a little bit of room to brag, you have a little bit of room to boast, and you have a little bit of room to sell your service, sell your business because people are saying that you do a good job. Tell everyone. So hopefully this helps. I want you to look at positive reviews, not only as those stars for the ice cream, but I also want you to be making sure that you're getting that SEO benefit. See you soon.

Bryan Caplan