Top 3 Online Review Industries


00:00 So somewhat of a surprising statistic, but someone asked me recently, where do consumers really look at reviews? What industries? So I did some research.

00:09 I found that number 1 was restaurants. I mean obviously right? We're using services like Yelp, we're looking at Google, looking at Facebook, looking at TripAdvisor to find good restaurants.

00:19 Number 2 was hospitality, so hotels and BNBs and we're looking at that because you hear horror stories, you want to make sure that when you lay your head down, you're sitting and you're sleeping in a good place - it's clean.

00:30 And finally healthcare services, especially with the baby boomers now going into retirement homes or nursing homes or senior facilities or those senior lifestyle homes. What we're seeing is the younger generation is looking at reviews because they want to make sure those baby boomers are taken care of. So there's that. And then also we're looking at healthcare in general. We're looking at ZocDoc and RateADoctor, those types of sites because we want to make sure - HealthGrades is another one - we want to make sure that our doctors, our PCPs, our specialists, are on the up and up. They have good reviews, they have good bedside manner, they're on time because we don't have time - we're in a rush.

01:08 So those are the top three that are mostly considered for reviews. You've got food, you've got hospitality, and you've got medical. Hope that helps!

Bryan Caplan