Top 4 Review Sites


00:00 So a quick stat for you, you know, according to recent research studies, it was found that consumers trust these four sites in this order: Yelp - 20 percent; Facebook - 20 percent; Google - 16 percent; and Better Business Bureau - 15 percent. Now let me break that down. First off Yelp? Because they have such a rigid filter, right? They have this smart filter that's looking at the length of testimonials, how many friends, how many reviews they're looking at, the longevity or the age of your account. So that's why people trust Yelp because those reviews have to go through a very rigid process.

00:34 Now, Facebook, because of social proof, I've spoken about social proof, I mentioned it in my webinars, but social proof is big! I'm seeing my friends and family and people that I'm connected to leave reviews for a business. So as a result, I trust it more and I might do business if I see positive reviews.

00:50 Google is at 16 percent; it's at number three in the order because still Google, when I'm searching for something and I'm in a micro moment, a moment where I need to know, go do or buy, then I'm looking on Google and pulling out my phone and saying, "Hey, Google, find me this, or find me a restaurant or find me a plumber or whatever," then I'm going to look at reviews. So, it's still highly regarded. It's just a little bit easier to leave a review on Google.

01:12 And finally Better Business Bureau - 15 percent - because it's still a third party accredited service, so a business needs to get accreditation from Better Business Bureau before it can be considered a BBB trusted business and people have to go through a process to leave their review. So again, in that order: Yelp, Facebook, Google, and Better Business Bureau, that's where you want to look. Those are the top four, and if you're a business owner, those are the top four where you want to get your reviews. Hope this helps!

Bryan Caplan