How To Create A Google My Business Profile


If you have a local business, you NEED to be on Google My Business. Whether you are a brick and mortar storefront with a physical address or a service-based business in a town, region, or service radius, building a local listing on Google is essential for your digital marketing success.

Consider Google My Business (GMB) like your own piece of property on Google local. When customers find themselves in a moment of need (also known as a micro-moment) they turn to Google search to fulfill that need as quickly as possible. If your business has a Google My Business profile, then the potential customer may very well find and contact your business to satisfy that need.

In this video, Bryan Caplan goes in depth on how to create a Google My Business local listing. Follow along as he takes you through 9 easy steps to build out your local SEO profile:

1) Start by going to

2) Log in with your Google account

3) Enter your business name

4) Enter your business address

5) Choose whether you're a storefront or a service provider 5a) Add your service area (if applicable)

6) Choose your Primary business category

7) Add your phone number and website

8) Verify your local listing (most likely with a postcard)

9) Finish populating your Google My Business profile

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00:27 It's actually quite simple. First thing, you're gonna. Notice I am at Now when you jump there, you're going to be asked to log into your google account. I'm already logged in here, so I am just fine. Now if you do not have a google account, no problem, you'll go to and you can create a new google account. Doesn't mean you have to use Gmail or g suite, but you have access to those tools once you create a google account and you can even use your existing email which might or Any of those. So let's assume that you're logged in to your account and now we're going to create a business name. So in this case, I'm going to create Bryan's pizza. Okay, now I type in Bryan's pizza. This is my own business, but there's already an existing Bryan's pizza in central Florida. That's not me. So what I'm going to do is create a business with this name and I'll go to next.

01:28 Now it's going to show me, okay, where are you located? It's prompting me for my address. So there's an address for where Bryan's pizza is located. Now, of course were pizza place. We're going to be delivering goods and services. You know it gets the extra money. So I'll click deliver and here's something. Why don't we click? I delivered goods and services. Now, I used a pizza place example, but let's say that you are a professional service provider or a home services providers. So you might be a plumber, Hvac, you might be an electrician, you might be a realtor, you may be an insurance agent. Any of those where you deliver goods and services or you go out to your client's location, your customer's location, you would click here, I deliver goods and services. That means you're a service based business. The thing here is there's some you know, like let's say your home based business and you're a plumber operating out of your house, you just go on plumbing calls, emergency calls, you can hide your address right here.

02:26 That makes sure that it's telling Google I'm not a storefront, I don't want people coming to my address, but this is my legitimate address and it's telling Google, please hide my address so people can't request directions to my place of business. So in this case I'm not going to hide my address because I am a pizza place. I want people to walk in, so I'll click next.

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